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What is an Aimbot?

An aimbot is a type of cheating software that automatically locks onto other players in first-person shooter games. This enables the user to have a significant advantage, appearing to have superhuman targeting abilities and speed.


Aimbots work by accessing the game’s memory to gather information such as player positions and visibility. This information is then used to control the in-game cursor and provide an unfair advantage.
The games are different, therefore the cheats are different from each other

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The games are different, therefore the cheats are different from each other

How to configure an Aimbot?

The cheats available in different games can vary greatly. One popular cheat in first-person shooter games is the aimbot. The aimbot typically has several key functions to control its behavior.

  • Hold Key: This is the key used to activate the aimbot, pulling the in-game sights towards the opponent. This key is usually assigned to the left mouse button.
  • Hold Key Alternative: This key serves the same purpose as the "Hold Key", but may be necessary in some situations.
  • Aimbot Knocked Key: This key also activates the aimbot, but only targets players who are down.
  • Disable Aimbot: This key enables or disables the aimbot completely, allowing the player to turn the function on or off as needed.

The aimbot has a visibility check function which determines if an opponent is within view or behind a wall. If this function is enabled, the aimbot will only target visible enemies. This function is typically kept enabled.

The aimbot also has a locking function that allows it to keep its aim fixed on a target, disregarding smooth aim movement. This function is typically kept disabled.

The aimbot has a target locking function which keeps the crosshairs focused on a single target, disregarding others that come into view. This function is usually kept activated.

The aimbot also has a range limit function which restricts how far it will search for enemies. The distance is determined by the center of the screen and the player's field of view (FOV). If the player's FOV is low, the aimbot will only target enemies close to the crosshairs. A typical range limit for this function is set between 2 and 4.

The aimbot has a smoothing function that regulates its movement speed. A higher smoothing value will result in a slower aimbot movement, while a lower value will make it quicker. This function helps the player avoid detection and possible bans by appearing more human-like. A typical smoothing setting is between 5 and 10.

The aimbot includes a humanization function to evade anti-cheat detection. Anticheats often monitor players' crosshair movement, looking for signs of automated aiming. The humanization function adds random fluctuations to the aimbot's smooth setting, making it appear less uniform and more human-like, thereby avoiding anti-cheat detection. This function is typically kept enabled.

This function, known as an "Auto Shoot" or "Triggerbot," automatically fires your weapon when the aimbot is close to the enemy. While it can make shooting quicker, it's generally recommended to leave this function disabled to avoid detection from anti-cheat systems.

What is an ESP & Wallhack??

The WallHack is a function that allows players to see objects, NPCs, or other players through walls and terrain in online games. This is achieved by accessing game memory to detect information such as player position, health, and other relevant details.

The information is then displayed in the game world, often as boxes, text, or lines to show the location of other players and their orientation. The use of ESP gives players an advantage in games, allowing them to hunt other players, prepare for battle, and target weaker players for easy kills.

The games are different, therefore the cheats are different from each other

Cheats hacks games

How to configure an ESP?

This function can also be customized to limit its effectiveness to only target enemies within a certain distance. This allows players to set the maximum range at which the cheat will work, helping to maintain a fair gaming experience.

This function will change the color of an object completely making it easier to identify enemies and items on the map.

This function will draw a circle on your screen indicating the aimbot's field of action.

This function will render the entire skeleton of the enemy's body, making it easy to identify whether he is aiming, lying down or sitting.

This function will render a box outlining the enemy's body.

This function will render a line on the enemies' heads, making it easier to identify them on the map..

This function will draw an arrow over the enemy that the aimbot will target.

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